2001 - Raymarine acquires Raytheon's Recreational Marine Division.

-A Klein Side Scan Sonar is used to find the remains of a Snowbird crash in Lake Erie.

-A Klein Model 5000 Side Scan Sonar system aboard the NOAA Ship Whiting was used to find the wreck of the submarine USS S-Five which sank in 180 feet of water in 1920 near Boston.

2002 - Klein Associates, Inc. introduced its Klein 3000 side scan sonar.

-A Klein 3000 side scan sonar survey of part of Lake George, New York, the group Bateaux Below, discovered a 73-year-old wooden excursion launch, the Miss Lake George.  The gasoline-powered vessel caught fire on July 21, 1929 and sank.  Fortunately, two nearby watercraft rescued the 10 passengers and pilot.

-Sonatech, Santa Barbara, California introduces a very-high-resolution side scan sonar using a rail mechanism suspended from a pier.

-Benthos introduces a 3D Side Scan Imaging system at Oceanology 2002.

2003 - L-3 Communications purchased Klein Associates, Inc., a business unit of Oyo Corp. of Japan.

-When the Space Shuttle Columbia  (STS-107) broke up on re-entry a Klein 3000 dual-frequency side scan sonar assisted in the recovery effort.

-Colin Andrew and Amy Young of the Australian Government Department of Defence, Maritime Operations Division System Sciences Laboratory Publish an extensive “Setup and Troubleshooting Procedures for the Klein 5500 Sidescan Sonar.

2004 - A Klein 3000 was used to locate the German U- 215 on Georges Bank. It was a National Geographic International/Sea Hunters project. Sonar operator Vince Capone.

-The DSL 120A Deep towed side scan sonar is introduced by Hawaii Mapping and Research Group.

-The Orion deep towed side scan sonar is introduced by the U.S. Navy

-Dr. Daniel Sternlicht and Dr. John F. Pesaturo of Dynamics Technology, Inc. publish the article "Synthetic Aperture Sonar: Frontiers in Underwater Imaging" in Sea Technology Magazine.

2005 - Pepe Productions, Bateaux Below, Black Laser Learning, and Whitesel Graphics released the documentary “The Lost Radeau: North America's Oldest Intact Warship.”  The video production was about the history, discovery, and archaeology of Lake George, New York's 1758 Land Tortoise radeau shipwreck.  On June 26, 1990, Bateaux Below used a Klein 595 side scan sonar to discover the historic wooden warship.  The award-winning documentary aired on some PBS television stations.

-Humminbird introduces its first “Side Imaging” sonar.

-The IMI 30 deep towed side scan sonar is introduced by Hawaii Mapping and Research Group.

2006 - Klein Associates, Inc. received the Compass Distinguished Achievement Award sponsored by Sea Technology magazine “For outstanding contributions to the advancement of the science and engineering of engineering of oceanography and marine technology” at the Oceans 2006 Marine Technology Society/IEEE Conference in Boston.

-Lowrance is purchased by Simrad Yachting. This merger creates Navico, now the largest recreational marine electronics manufacturer in the world.

-A Canadian team uses a Klein Side Scan Sonar to locate the remains of a 1928 Fokker Standard Universal Aircraft known as “the Ghost of Charron Lake” near Winnipeg.

2007 - The IXSea MAK 1 deep towed side scan sonar is introduced by Global Marine Systems.

2008 - Martin Klein gives a talk at the MIT Museum "Revealing New Frontiers Using Side Scan Sonar".

2010 - L-3 Klein Associates introduced the multi-beam Klein 5000 V2 and the Klein 5000 units.

-Halifax-based Wreck Hunter, Inc. employed a Klein 3900 side scan sonar and the group located a sunken Cessna 414 aircraft off Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada.

-The ProSAS Surveyor is introduced by Williamson Associates.

-Sonardyne, UK, introduces the Soltice Sidescan Sonar with focused beams integrated with swath bathymetry.

-DeepVision AB introduces the DeepEye 340 and hull-mounted DeepEye340 side scan sonar systems.